Business Planning

"Organisations that fail to plan, plan to fail"

Reeves IMS Consulting has extensive experience in assisting management develop and deploy their Strategic and Business Plans. We believe that there is no point in just sitting down, writing a plan and then leaving it on the bookshelf.

Using our experience, we will work with your management, staff and other key stakeholders to develop a Strategic Plan that will cover all requirements and will be a useful document for piloting the organisation over the next few years. From the Strategic Plan we will produce a Business Plan that will take you part of the way towards achieving the long-term goals. It will include measures, allocation of responsibility and time frames that will ensure the plan gets used and the expected outcomes are achieved.

All you will need when we complete our work is the management commitment to see the plan through.

Our philosophy is:

Set the goal - most goals are not attained not because they were too difficult, but because they were never set in the first place.

Create the plan - It is not productive to simply talk about the goal, there must be a plan and a call to action.

Work the plan - Record the progress and check off against the plan. Only management can make the plan work, but it does need to be able to show that progress is being made.